Your 7 Big Questions About Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Don’t get us wrong: we’re a supporter of eyebrow tattoos! Your eyebrows are an underestimated key to the shape and look of your entire face – and getting the perfect shape permanently inked will save you time, money on cosmetics, and give a natural, full and vibrant shape that literally never rubs off. But we also have to point out that just as quickly as eyebrow tattooing went mainstream, so too did the amount of questions we get asked almost every day about eyebrow tattoo removal in Sydney.

First, the good news: if you’ve got eyebrow tattoo regret, then the answer is YES – it really is possible to go about removing eyebrow tattoos in a fully effective way. But we also understand your trepidations about laser eyebrow tattoo removal, as it’s not just an odd tat on your ankle or arm – it’s on your actual face, and a particularly sensitive part of your face, too. It’s also an area where – obviously – your eyebrow hair grows, triggering common worries that natural regrowth may be affected.

Got questions about eyebrow tattoo laser removal?

Luckily, Sydney’s eyebrow laser tattoo removal experts here at Disappear Ink have carried our hundreds of fully successful procedures of this nature and know more than most about all the ins-and-outs:

1. Is the process to remove eyebrow tattoos the same as it is for removing other tattoos?

Basically, yes – although the professional you ask to remove eyebrow tattoos are likely to use even more caution and precision than usual. Still, it’s just as simple and safe as all laser tattoo removal, even though you should pay extra careful attention to those aftercare laser tattoo removal instructions.

2. What after-care instructions are those?

Your specific laser technician will provide instructions relevant to you and the machine they use, but generally you should:

  • Avoid washing or cleansing with hot water
  • Cool the treated areas with an ice pack compress
  • Use Post Laser Care Gel to assist in the healing process
  • Always use an SPF 30+ physical sunscreen and a hat when outdoors

3. What about any pre-care instructions?

It’s a sensitive area, so pre-care is also an important part of eyebrow tattoo removal. Luckily, it’s all fairly straightforward, including things like:

  • No waxing, shaving, threading or exfoliating prior to laser treatment
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Eat well and drink lots of water before your laser treatment

4. Will the laser burn the eyebrow hairs?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. The Quanta Discovery Pico+ Laser System does not damage the eyebrow hair or the skin of the brows.

5. How many laser sessions will be involved?

It really depends on the volume and type of ink originally placed in the eyebrows by the cosmetic tattoo artist. In most cases, complete removal can be achieved with somewhere between 2 and 5 sessions.

6. Does it hurt?

Well, it’s a sensitive area, so you’re likely to feel the treatment a little more than if it was in a non-sensitive part of your body. But modern laser technology is remarkably less painful than ever – and your clinician will use a topical numbing gel to make it even more comfortable.

7. What will it feel like afterwards?

Expect some laser tattoo removal side effects like redness, tenderness and a little swelling. Usually, it will all be back to normal within 24 hours after the laser treatment.

Trusted eyebrow tattoo removal Sydney wide

Diamonds may be forever – but the same doesn’t have to be true of your once-loved eyebrow tattoos! Here at Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic, your wish is our command as we lighten or fully remove your eyebrow tattoos. With the best technology, friendliest and most experienced specialists and Sydney’s best pricing, Disappear Ink will make your laser eyebrow tattoo removal as fast, pain-free and effective as possible. See real examples of tattoo removal results and get in touch today!

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