7 Alternatives To Laser For Freckle Removal

If you’ve had a child with adorable freckles, you know how cute they are. But as that child becomes a teen and then a young adult and beyond, it’s very possible they’re not going to feel quite the same way about those brown spots sprinkled prominently across their face and skin that have overstayed their welcome. Let’s take a dive into the world of laser freckle removal and start with a very simple question:

Can you laser freckles off?

Drum-roll, please… and the answer?: Yes! Laser treatment for freckles really works! How, exactly? We’ll get to that a little later. First, let’s celebrate the fact that – in the not-so-distant past – bidding farewell to unwanted freckles was much more of a fantasy than a reality. But no more.

Can you remove freckles? Understanding your options

Before the latest incredible advancements in laser technology and laser pigmentation removal in Sydney, our only real options were:

1. Creams

Sure, specialist creams can lighten freckles… over time. But when compared with the efficiency of freckle laser removal, the prolonged wait and inconsistent outcomes of these topical solutions seem less appealing – to say the least.

2. Chemical Peels

Firstly, ouch! That’s the first-hand account from many who’ve had a chemical peel. The chemicals burn, the skin peels, and the most you might achieve is slightly lightened freckles. Compare this with the effectiveness of a freckle removal laser, and one has to wonder why they’d endure such discomfort for potentially minimal results. Or no effect at all.

3. Microdermabrasion

Arguably even harsher than chemicals, those exfoliating crystals or diamond-tipped wands scraping off the outer layer of the skin were never much good for the deeper freckles that really bother you.

4. Cryotherapy

Fancy freezing those freckles off with liquid nitrogen? Still sounds pretty extreme, doesn’t it? It’s also a lot less accurate than using a laser to remove freckles – because you might end up doing little else than replacing that freckle with a scar.

5. Electrocautery

You could always burn those freckles off with an electric current?! Yes, it hurts – because you really are burning away the freckle tissue. Afterwards, you’ll need an antibiotic ointment and bandage, and with all that pain and effort it’s only really good for superficial freckles anyway.

6. Surgery

If burning those freckles off doesn’t sound extreme enough for you, how about a scalpel? Before you consider such drastic measures, remember that freckle removal technology offers less invasive and often more effective solutions. So let’s swiftly move on to #7…

7. Intense pulsed light

A bit like a laser, but with differences you really need to know about! To cut it short, IPL is:

  • Much less precise
  • Less effective
  • Less effective on deeper freckles
  • Requires more sessions
  • Involves more recovery time.

The science behind laser freckle removal

If only there was a method for freckle removal that not only offers precision and effectiveness but also ensures a smooth laser freckle removal recovery. Enter the latest advancement in Quanta Discovery Picosecond laser technology. It’s the solution that allows you to say goodbye to freckles, sun spots, and melasma present in both the skin’s epidermal and deeper dermal layers, revealing radiant skin without the downsides of other methods.

The ‘Pico Toning’ process targets unwanted freckles using high-intensity light, which is then absorbed by the freckle’s melanin, breaking the pigment into minute particles – with the body then naturally disposing of it all through its normal processes. The result? Not only an effective treatment but also a swift and gentle recovery, ensuring your skin feels as good as it looks.

Sydney’s laser crown jewel in freckle removal

All sound too good to be true? Chat about it today with the friendly team at Disappear Laser Clinic – Sydney’s most trusted and talked-about laser clinic and tattoo removal specialist.

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7 Alternatives To Laser For Freckle Removal

Yes! Laser treatment for freckles really works! How, exactly? We’ll get to that a little later.
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