We explain why is laser tattoo removal aftercare so important!

You’ve spent lots of time researching Laser tattoo Removal on the internet.
You’ve talked to friends who’ve done it.
You’ve decided on the type of laser you would like to treat you.
You have settled on the Clinic to begin your Laser tattoo Removal journey with.
You’ve had an initial consultation and then had your first Laser Tattoo Removal treatment.


The laser treatment is the first step in the process as it starts the tattoo removal fading process. The laser smashes the tattoo ink into tiny micro-particles. Those particles are still embedded in the skin however they are now small enough to pass through the skin and exit the body. This process of removing the shattered ink particles is handled by the body’s lymphatic system and it removes the shattered ink over the weeks between treatments.

The lymphatic system works on two simple principles – physical movement and body hydration.

To maximise tattoo fading therefore, you should also concentrate on assisting the lymphatic process remove the shattered ink particles from the skin.

The first step in assisting the body is cooling the treated tattoo area using ice packs as soon as possible after the treatment. This will settle the skin and reduce any swelling which is the body’s natural reaction to trauma.

The next step is to drink at least 1 litre of water in the two hours following laser treatment. This will give the body the hydration is needs to start the fading process of the lymphatic system.

Most importantly, please AVOID the gym for 1 or 2 days – this is very important especially on larger tattoos that have been laser treated. Your Tattoo Removal Journey is not an iron man contest. Give your body some rest following a Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment.

Following on from your treatment, massaging the treated tattoo twice daily for around 4 to 5 days after the treatment with Bepanthan, skin recovery and the ink removal process is boosted. It also protects from infection as Bepanthan has antiseptic properties important to the healing process.. The massaging of the treated area stimulates blood flow and this aids in removing the ink particles and the recovery of skin as the lymphatic system works on movement. We use Bepanthan in our Clinic as an integral part of our treatment process and we recommend it highly to all our clients and to anyone considering Laser Tattoo Removal.

The best help of course is to keep the treated area out of the sun, either by covering up or applying 50+ sun screen.

Also the single most important thing – DRINK LOTS OF WATER. The more hydrated the skin, the better the fading. Simple as that.

The final trick to fantastic fading between Laser Tattoo Removal treatments is to apply moisturiser to the treated area once or twice a day. Any good quality commercial skin moisturiser will help nourish the skin and make it soft and supple. This will help the lymphatic system remove the shattered ink particles easier and quicker leading to a better overall result.

Another wonderful addition to the Aftercare process is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. The lymph nodes do the collection and filtering of waste material from cell fluid, while the lymph vessels return the fluid back to the general circulation. The shattered ink particles are part of that waste material, so keeping the Lymphatic System functioning at its best is a great way to help the tattoo removal process. Read more about  this at  Natural Therapy Pages

So with some simple and easy massages the tattoo removal results can be incredible. Check out our results on our Before and After Page – Great results are really THIS SIMPLE!

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