Laser Tattoo Removal Side Effects

Are you tired of looking at a once-loved tattoo that you now absolutely despise?

First, the good news. The latest generation of premium laser technology makes tattoo removal highly effective, totally permanent, non-invasive and less painful than ever before.

Better still, recovery time is minimal, the success rate is through the roof, and it no longer costs an arm and a leg. But with every set of ‘pros’ comes the ‘con’ – and in this case, it’s the laser tattoo removal side effects that you need to know about before biting the bullet.

Common laser tattoo removal side effects

Before we get into running off all the little itches, scabs and sore spots that should at least be prepared for, we have some more good news for you: the side effects of tattoo removal don’t affect everyone, and even when they do, they tend to be on the cute & cuddly side of mild. So let’s get straight into it:

1. Frosting

First, let’s start with a really harmless one: a touch of skin frosting. If a mild whitening of the affected skin occurs, that’s just a little CO2 being released from the disturbed upper layer of the skin. Within the hour, expect it to fade away.

2. Blistering

It’s no surprise that when the laser heats up the ink particles, some blood vessels can break and erupt into superficial blisters. But when this happens, rest assured that your body’s natural immune system is simply doing its thing to heal.

3. Scabbing

Again, the odd scab is the best possible sign that your body knows what it’s doing when it comes to healing trauma. Better still, once that scab naturally drops off, it will take tattoo ink with it – so try to avoid the urge to take your fingernails to a natural bit of tattoo removal itching!

4. Swelling

Some level of swelling is yet another sign that your body is healing, and what you’ll experience after a session under the laser should be no worse than the odd insect bite.

5. Discomfort

Of all the laser tattoo removal side effects, the most worrying has always been the pain. But we’re happy to report that the latest-generation laser treatments might be described as having left the ‘pain’ arena and become little more than ‘discomfort’. How much a laser tattoo removal hurts will depend on the location of the tattoo – so expect the fingers, wrists, feet and (ouch) face to be the most painful.

6. Itching

Tattoo removal itching is something most clients will report, but rest assured that’s just the feeling of good, natural healing. But whatever you do, try not to scratch!

7. Scarring

Before you get worried, let us reassure you – tattoo removal scarring is now extremely rare – and something as mild as Vitamin E oil can be sufficient to minimise it. To increase your chances of a perfect, scar-free outcome, follow the advice about how long to avoid cosmetics, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep and try to cut down on cigarettes. Your immune system will do the rest!

8. Hyper/hypopigmentation

Hyperpigmentation – when patches of skin turn a darker colour – is thankfully another of the very rare laser tattoo removal side effects. The same is true of hypopigmentation, when the skin colour change is to a lighter shade. If it happens, it’s because your skin has not dealt with the light wavelengths shot out by the laser, but it’s usually temporary, mild and affecting those with particularly sensitive skin.

9. Infection

Don’t worry, the risk of serious infection is extremely low, and for very good reason – because the laser doesn’t actually break the skin surface. So if you follow the professional aftercare and guidance, and resist bursting blisters, scratching and pulling off scabs, you should have no problems at all.

10. Sore muscles

This is another one in the super-rare category of tattoo removal side effects – because the treatment is specifically addressing the skin, not the muscles or any other tissue. If you have some muscle soreness, however, don’t worry – it will go away within a few hours to a day or so. Just don’t treat the area with Deep Heat!

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