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Specialists in Laser Skin Treatments & Tattoo Removal

We are dedicated to always delivering incredible service and incredible results to our clients!

Incredible Service and Incredible Results

We pride ourselves on our caring, honest, clinical and understanding approach to each and every one of our clients. We are Laser Skin and Tattoo Removal Specialists. We are also Clinicians. Advisors. Perfectionists. Professionals.

Safe, Proven process, and Honest consultation

Our proven and safe process offers a no obligation Initial Consultation where we will tailor a laser treatment program specifically for you. We will provide you with a complete and honest appraisal and the expected results.

Thousands of successful
laser treatments

At Disappear Laser Clinic + Tattoo Removal, there are no hidden surprises or unbelievable claims.

Whether you require a skin treatment, a full tattoo removal, a fading down for a cover-up tattoo or a simple repair of a tattoo that’s not quite right, we are here to help. We are the Laser Skin and Tattoo Removal Specialists.

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I've only had two sessions on my tattoo and at this rate, I don't think I'll be needing another. The clinic is cosy and clean, and Alexandra is so lovely. From the start, it has been a super simple, no questions asked experience (which is nice if you'd rather not explain the background to the tattoo!). I've heard of the pain of laser tattoo removal, but the PICO laser that Alexandra uses is great, a little bit of discomfort but not by any means painful. If I ever decide to have another tattoo removed I'll be straight back here without a second thought.

Sara Panebianco

Cozy & Clean

I have been going to Disappearing Ink Tattoo removal for just over a year now and cannot sing their praises enough. Both Alexandra and Peter are both true professionals. Not only do they tell you what they are doing, but also why they are doing it and how your body is going to react to the treatment. Their premises and equipment are as clean a medical clinic, and their treatment of their clients is second to none. I would recommend them to anyone anywhere.


True Professionals

This place is incredible. The service is amazing. Peter is polite, personable and informative, he made the experience an easy and quick process. For me the pain was only about a 5/10. I will definitely continue to return to remove more of my bad decisions and highly recommend these guys. Thank you very much!

Timothy Armstrong-Crews

This place is incredible. The service is amazing.

Alexandra was absolutely fantastic and friendly. There was no judgement about my tattoo, prices were the best I have found by far, and the genuine care that I felt while undergoing treatment was lovely. Would highly recommend Disappear Ink to anyone needing a tattoo removal.

Katya Lohmeyer

Absolutely fantastic

Professional and friendly service. Great results. It's not pain-free but you are made as comfortable as possible. Prices are very reasonable.

Jane Jackson

Professional & friendly

I wanted to get my eyebrow tattoos removed and after the first session they had pretty much disappeared! Alexandra and Peter are absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend their services. I was charged far less than I expected and got an immediate result after my session. Alexandra talks you through the whole process and ensures you are comfortable and all your q's are answered. She even called a few days later to follow up and see how everything was going. 5 stars!


5 Stars

I highly recommend Disappear Ink - they really know what they’re doing and they’re lovely people - warm and non-judgmental. I have been having 3 tattoos removed over the last 9 months and they are fading nicely - nearly gone, with absolutely no scarring. My skin is in better shape than before! I totally trust the process with Alexandra.

Belinda Gunn

Highly recommended

I've had four sessions so far with Alexandra and I highly recommend the service. Most importantly it's very effective! But also Alexandra is so lovely and professional, it's a pleasure to chat to her throughout the session. On top of all that, it's one of the more reasonably priced places I looked at too . Very happy.

Esther Lowe

Very Happy

Currently in process of fully removing my top arm half sleeve and within 4 sessions the tattoo is about 40% gone! Highly recommend! This clinic specialise in only tattoo removal and are extremely professional. Tattoo removal isn’t the most pleasant experience but Alexandra sure does an incredible job in making it as pleasant as possible. I’m glad I chose this clinic.

Aleks K

Incredible Job

The knowledge and experience of removing tattoos shines through at this clinic! Having tried another clinic in the belief they would remove my tattoos and being bitterly disappointed with the result, I arrived at Disappear Ink to a thorough consultation, initial removal and plan for the future treatments. Aftercare and follow up to treatment is excellent and each appointment is tailored to progress made, condition of the tattoo and an appreciation of an individuals circumstances.

Zoe Quelch


The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System

We are Sydney’s Leading Skin and Tattoo Removal Specialists. This is why we selected the world’s best Pico Laser System for our Clinic.

The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System represents the second generation of picosecond lasers designed for top quality Laser Skin Treatments and Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments. With Quanta’s proprietary laser technology, the Discovery Pico+ Laser System is the most advanced and innovative medical grade laser system available in the market today.

The innovation introduced by Discovery Pico+ Laser System consists of industry-leading peak power levels delivered through ultrashort (picosecond) pulses. The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System is twice as powerful as any other Picosecond laser for medical and cosmetic applications on the market.

This precise laser power enhances the treatment results by increasing the efficacy on the skin with a general reduction in the average delivered energy dose compared to other laser systems. This simply means more comfortable Laser Skin Treatments and LaserTattoo Removal treatments with better overall long term results.

The Quanta Systems Discovery Pico+ Laser System from Milan Italy is the ‘Ferrari of Lasers’ – High performance with brilliant results.