Our Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Process

Are your eyebrows looking tired and need a refresh?

Over time, Eyebrow Tattoos start to show signs of fading, smudging and discolouration.
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Our Process

Our Eyebrow Tattoo Removal process is proven, safe, scar-free and leaves your skin and eyebrow hair intact and undamaged. Following eyebrow tattoo removal treatment at Disappear Laser Clinic + Tattoo Removal, you can have the eyebrows re-tattooed after a period of 8-10 weeks.

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Quanta Systems is the leading Italian manufacturer of Laser Systems for Aesthetics and Surgery.

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Disappear Laser Clinic + Tattoo Removal is Sydney’s Number 1 Rated and Most Successful Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Disappear Laser Clinic has been helping women and men remove their unwanted eyebrow tattoos successfully for over a decade using the latest in Quanta Discovery Pico+ Laser system.

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