Laser Tattoo Removal Is Here To Stay, Unlike Your Tattoo

Everyday I see news articles about laser tattoo removal. I’m sure you’ve seen them too. Newspapers, online, radio, TV, commercials and competitions. I recently did an interview on Radio 2UE in Sydney with Angela Catterns specifically about the increased interest in laser tattoo removal in Australia.

There are usually two types of articles in the media :

  • The ‘Disaster’ Article warning of the dangers of laser tattoo removal
  • The ‘Gold Rush’ Article telling the world of the massive rise in laser tattoo removal

And as with most things in the media they tend to be exaggerated because that is what sells today – sensation over facts.

But not always! One of the best media presentations I have ever seen about tattoos and laser tattoo removal aired on the ABC’s Catalyst program. It is the most factual presentation I have ever seen. It is a brilliant explanation of tattoos and  laser tattoo removal. So if you missed the program, here is the link to the video on the Catalyst website

The reality is that laser tattoo removal has been around for many years. The ‘rise’ in its popularity has been fuelled by the availability of top quality medical grade laser systems capable of removing all ink colours from the skin. These systems give great removal results when used by trained clinicians.

The rise has also been driven by the demand from people with tattoos who want them removed, safely and completely.

There are many reasons for wanting removal (see our article on 2014’s Top Ten Reasons for Tattoo Removal) and when there is a demand, supply will follow to meet that demand.

Along with the availability of top quality medical grade laser systems there has been an ever-increasing supply of sub-standard, cheap laser systems finding their way into Australia. Just because it’s a LASER it doesn’t mean it is fit for the purpose of LASER tattoo removal.

A medical grade laser system capable of removing all ink colours costs between $120,000 to $150,000.

There are systems today being sold as laser tattoo removal lasers with prices starting as low as $2,000.

When we set up Disappear Ink, we asked ourselves one simple question – HOW WOULD WE WANT TO BE TREATED? And for us, the answer was simple – with the best equipment available. That’s why we invested in the Quanta Systems Q-Plus C Laser System.

We simply wanted the best system for our business and for our clients.

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