Top Ten Reasons For Laser Tattoo Removal 2016

This year is moving along at a cracking pace! Summer doesn’t want to end and the weather here in Sydney is just picture perfect.

Maybe that’s why so many more people are having their tattoos removed – the warmer it is, the less clothes people wear and the more ink is on display for the world to see.

Whatever it is, at Disappear Ink we see a lot of different tattoos in a lot of different places. They range from the usual bicep tribals to some really weird tattoos in really weird places. Along with all of those tattoos are the wonderful stories of how they came to be and more importantly to us, why people want those tattoos removed.

So every year we share the top 10 reasons why people want their tattoos removed and here is Disappear Ink’s Top Ten Reasons For Tattoo Removal 2016.

No.1 (New Entry) – I want a better tattoo than the one I have, so can you fade it for a cover-up?

Thanks to shows like Tattoo Nightmares, cover-ups are now a THING. Fading your old tattoo to make way for a new piece of great artwork is the best way to go. The more ink you remove, the better the new tattoo looks. This year, we have been flat out clearing skin for new work which is why it now tops the 2016 List.

No.2 (↑No. 3LY) – Oh Shit, what have I done … I was at a party … I was drunk … It was a bit of a joke.
It seems the endless summer has made the partying hard season a lot longer than normal. OK, I’ve heard all the excuses before and so have you. Getting a tattoo while under the influence of any substance is never a good idea!

No.3 (↑No. 5LY) – I Want to join the Army, Navy or the Police to Improve My Life and Career.
I always thought being a sailor in the Navy meant tattoos and women in every port! Who knew that the Armed Forces or Police Force had entry requirements that banned exposed tattoos? And it seems recruitment is BOOMING this year judging by the people coming in!

No.4 (↓No. 1LY) –  The B!@#$% or B%^&**() is out of my life forever … Diamonds are forever, that eternal love that was supposed to last forever sometimes doesn’t.
Somehow relationships are managing to stay together longer or people just don’t get their partners names tattooed on themselves as much now. Bugger! This was the Number 1 Reason last year!

No.5 (↓No. 3LY) – It doesn’t look anything LIKE the picture … Amateur and skilled tattooists alike have bad days. The problem is a bad result can last a life-time. So that’s when we get called in to clean up the mess.

No.6 (=No. 6LY) – I Don’t Want Dad, Mum, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, Husband or the Kids to see it.
Tattoos are FAR more mainstream now than ever. Your granny probably has a tat! But still, many of our clients don’t want to explain why they got THAT tattoo in the first place.

No.7 (↓No. 4LY) – But I only wanted a LITTLE one … No explanation needed. When selecting an artist and an artwork you should be very specific. When the stencil goes on and you aren’t sure – SPEAK UP. Once the needle hits the skin, that’s when you’ll be calling us.

No.8 (↑No. 9LY) – That Time of My Life has passed .
Everyone has a reason for getting a tattoo in the first place. Whatever the original reason, sometimes that reason just does not fit into a person’s life anymore.

No.9 (↓No. 8LY) – How Do You Spell THERE, THEIR, THEY’RE? … To anyone considering a tattoo that contains letters, words or characters in ANY language – PLEASE make sure that the spelling, grammar and the meanings are correct BEFORE ink touches skin. Use Google Translate if necessary.

No.10 (↓No. 7LY) – I’ve just outgrown It.
Like Reason No. 8, many people want their tribal tattoos or Southern Crosses removed because those heady days of youthful rebellion and FTP are long gone, replaced by kids, a career and a mortgage. But not for long as the mid-life crisis usually isn’t far away!

So, if you want to tell us YOUR reason for wanting a tattoo removed, book your free initial consultation online HERE

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