Improve Your Laser Tattoo Removal Results In 6 Easy Steps!

Everyone wants to improve their Laser tattoo removal results. The Big Question is HOW?

 If you’ve been following our Facebook page or our Instagram Feed you will see that we post lots of pictures of our work – Before and After images of our clients who have graciously allowed us to show others their brilliant laser tattoo removal results.

We have a fantastic group of clients who are committed to the process of fading or removing their tattoos.

The ONE thing our most successful clients do to help the fading process between treatments is to follow Laser Tattoo Removal Aftercare instructions closely and carefully.

By following the tips listed below, your results will ‘magically’ improve :

  1. Immediately after laser treatment, cool the area down further using ice packs as soon as you return home. This soothes the surrounding skin and speeds the fading process by reducing the body’s reaction to the heat caused by the ink shattering process. The sooner the skin feels normal, the better.
  2. Do NOT go to the gym for two days after the treatment. Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is NOT an iron-man challenge. Avoiding exercise helps keep the body’s temperature normal whilst the treated area normalises following the laser treatment.
  3. Massage the treated area twice a day with a little Bepanthan (which we provide you on your first visit) to promote blood circulation and assist the ink particles to pass through the skin. This should be done for around 3 to 4 days following your treatment.
  4. After the first few days of using Bepanthan, switch to a skin moisturiser such as a Vitamin E cream or Aloe Vera and massage and moisturise the area to promote fresh collagen production. This makes the fading process work faster and recovery much quicker following each treatment.
  5. Don’t smoke … enough said.
  6. Finally, the MOST important thing you can do is drink as much water as you possibly can to help your lymphatic system flush out the shattered ink particles. The more water, the more circulation, the more flushing, the more fading – It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

We know these tips work. We see the results every day, and so can you by just visiting our Before and After Images Gallery.


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