2015 Tattoo & Body Piercing Expo

You don’t realise how fast a year passes until you go to an annual event that you swear was only held a couple of months ago.

That’s how I felt at the 2015 Tattoo & Body Piercing Expo in Sydney recently. I was positive that the 2014 event was only a few months ago, not a whole year ago. Time flies and what a difference a year makes! The crowd this year was huge, especially on the brilliant sunny Sunday afternoon that I attended the Expo with my trusty Fuji camera.

I was on the look out for the last trends in body art and I found them on display in the many booths of the exhibitors.

As I said, the crowd was huge and the Expo very well attended by artists for all over Australia and the world. There was even a few laser tattoo removal clinics on show and even two laser distributors peddling their wares.

Wandering the aisles I was struck by the huge age distribution of the crowd this year. This Expo is no longer just for the young, this has become a show for people of all ages and interests.

Now, at each Expo and show I attend, I look for art that catches my eye. As you may be aware, I love science-fiction, technology and super-heroes so when I saw Darth Vader, I knew I was in the right place.

So until next year, here’s a few more photos from the day. And I forgot to mention, I managed to get my haircut at the Expo by the great guys at Hair By Tommy J. Hit them up next time you need a cut and tell them I sent you!

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