When Is The BEST Time To Start Laser Tattoo Removal?

The answer is simple … Today – Why wait to start Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a process. That process can be as simple as a couple of visits over three months or many visits over a year or more for larger tattoos. Every tattoo and everybody is different, so the length of time involved varies greatly. What is most important with Laser Tattoo Removal is that all care is taken to secure the best outcome possible and that takes TIME.

The reasons for having a tattoo removed are too numerous to list here. Each year we compile a list of the Top 10 Reasons For Laser Tattoo Removal. The reasons are as varied as the tattoos and the stories behind each one.

However the one thing I hear from almost all of our clients is ” I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS LONG AGO! “

For many people it’s simply because they are afraid which is what I wrote about in The Biggest Fears about Laser Tattoo Removal. For other people it is because they don’t handle pain well or because it is unfamiliar or unknown. Then for others, they are concerned about the cost.

The really great thing about Laser Tattoo Removal is that it gives you an opportunity to leave the past behind and to move on into the future without a tattooed reminder of times gone by. At Disappear Ink we don’t believe in tattoo regret. We believe in OPTIONS and Laser Tattoo Removal gives you REAL OPTIONS.

With enough time, you have the option of Fading Your Tattoo or Removing It altogether and leaving the past behind where it belongs.

So, why wait?

Check our Gallery to see our results.

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