Skinial Treatments Leave Scars


Here is an example of the scars and skin damage caused by two Skinial treatments on the skin of this person’s foot.

Skinial and other injectable laser tattoo removal ‘treatments’ work on the principle of injecting or rubbing a chemical cocktail into the skin to cause a chemical reaction to burn and remove the ink. The results are very painful and usually permanent. The scars created by such chemical burns are FAR worse than the tattoo itself. The chemical reaction damages the skin and the dermis that can lead to infections and other major health issues in the affected area.

In this case, the scarring has been extensive and quite severe. There is severe hyper-pigmentation leading to a darkening of the skin in the treated area. Instead of rendering the tattoo ‘invisible’, it has created a large dark prominent scar on the top of the foot. Most of the ink of the tattoo is still visible and we are concerned that the ink may be encased in scar tissue making complete tattoo ink removal impossible even using the Quanta Laser System.

Only laser tattoo removal can offer scar-free ink clearance, so please consult with a recognised laser tattoo removal clinic before embarking on your tattoo removal journey. How do you find a recognised clinic? Here is an article from our friends at Tatts-A-Mistake that can help.

What may seem cheap and easy tattoo removal may create far more problems than it solves, as is the case here. All the person wanted to do was to remove an old tattoo to improve their professional business appearance. What we are left with is a far more serious problem to overcome.

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