Which Is The Best Laser Tattoo Removal System?


And here’s why…

Laser Tattoo Removal is now recognised as the most effective method for fading and removing tattoos. The process of Laser Tattoo Removal has been growing consistently in popularity around the world.

However this growth in popularity has led to an explosion of clinics offering the “BEST” Laser Tattoo Removal. Everywhere you look it seems another clinic has opened and is offering Laser Tattoo Removal promising great results. So how do you find a great Laser Clinic? We answer that here

But this leaves the BIG question – WHICH laser system is actually the best for tattoo removal?

There is a wonderful saying “Cheap tattoos aren’t good and good tattoos aren’t cheap”. The same applies for Laser Tattoo Removal.

Cosmetic and portable laser systems are now being mass-produced in China and other countries. They are being sold for as little as $5,000 and less on eBay and Gumtree. These machines are finding a ready market around the world because of the ‘promise’ of providing cheap Laser Tattoo Removal.

Also, many second-hand and pre-used systems are being imported into Australia from around the world on the ‘grey-market’ and are usually unsupported by their manufacturers. Most reputable laser service technicians refuse to service these ‘grey-market’ laser systems, so they are inefficient and not running at the manufacturers specification.

Medical Grade Laser Systems that are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia have prices that START at over $100,000 and range to around $400,000. These systems are supported and fully backed by their manufacturers, they have Australian based service centres and are sold with certified training by the manufacturers for the clinicians.

At Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic our guiding principle was to ALWAYS use the best laser system for Laser Tattoo Removal for our clients.

When we commenced our business in 2013, our research into the best systems available from around the world led us to the Quanta Systems Q-Plus C laser system for our clinic.

Quanta Systems from Milan Italy are continuously researching and improving their laser systems and in May 2019, we took delivery of the latest Quanta Systems Laser, the Discovery Pico Plus Laser System – the world’s most powerful pico laser system and the latest in laser technology.

Our reasons for selecting the Quanta Systems Discovery Pico Plus Laser System are these :

  • Quanta Systems are constantly and continuously researching and improving their laser systems.
  • The Discovery Pico Plus laser system is fully approved for use in Australia.
  • The Discovery Pico Plus laser system is the most powerful pico laser system available in the world today.
  • The system contains three lasers allowing all tattoo ink colours to be treated.
  • The system generates the laser energy within the system’s main unit and not in the hand-piece unit like many other cheaper dye laser systems.
  • The Quanta technology produces a reliable, steady and constant energy level that does not fluctuate during treatment producing consistent, even results.
  • The Quanta laser system uses a square spot to deliver laser energy evenly to the skin rather than a circular ‘lens’ spot that can produce a hot spot in the centre surrounded by a halo of lower energy.
  • Quanta Systems have an Australian based representative to provide maintenance, training and after-sales service of the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Laser system.

Our decision to continue with Quanta Systems and to upgrade to the Discovery Pico Plus Laser system has been simply because of the brilliant results the laser system  has been able to achieve for our clients. These brilliant results speak for themselves and can be seen at our Before & After Page.

We are proud of our choice and we stand by our laser system and our work. 

For us, it is all about results and the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus Laser system delivers those results.

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