Should Home Tattoo Kits Be Banned?

There are calls emerging again to ban Home Tattoo Kits by various segments of the community.

It seems that the ‘Nanny State’ is now looking to tackle the problem of dodgy and inappropriate tattoos being done at home by unregistered and inexperienced people.

There have been many cases over the years of home tattoos that were inappropriate, stupid or just downright ugly.

Who remembers the case of the poor guy who had a 40cm penis tattooed onto his back by his ‘friends’. In case you missed  it, here’s the link to the Nine News article and of course who can forget the New Zealand man who was DEVAST8ed with his home-done – OK PRISON done – tattoo. And of course, we ALL know someone who had a dodgy tattoo done at home by a ‘mate’.

As you would expect, after the laughter had subsided, some professional tattoo artists and other groups in the community are calling for the sale of home tattoo kits to be banned. I understand this reaction from professional tattoo artists. They are professionals who have standards and are proud of their art and their craft. Also, under our state laws they must operate in licensed premises. However for others in the community to be calling for a ban is a step too far.

Personally I can’t agree with a blanket ban on home tattoo kits simply because someone may do something stupid, or illegal. We don’t ban cars because people might speed or worse. I believe that people should have a choice, Stupidity is a choice as well as self-adornment with self-done or home-done tattoos . There is enough regulation in our lives already. Who can forget our wonderful Lock-Out Laws.

Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions and sometimes, they are not the right ones. Not everyone wants to have a penis tattoo on their body longer than they have too. But they are PERSONAL choices.

Luckily today we have the ability to do something about these ‘poor’ home tattoo using the latest PICO laser technology.

Laser Tattoo Removal has now evolved into a completely safe and almost pain-free way to achieve complete removal of unwanted tattoos. The results of Laser Tattoo Removal are a clean slate – a complete reset. This allows other choices to be made, for better or worse.

Once upon a time, tattoos were permanent. Something that had to be lived with for an entire life. That is no longer the case and so that ‘permanent’ tattoo is no longer a life sentence.

High quality Laser Tattoo Removal takes care and time. It’s the same as finding the right tattoo artist. It takes time and research but unlike home tattoo kits, laser tattoo removal should NEVER be attempted at home with a cheap eBay laser. Trust me, I’ve seen the results, So when it comes to home-done tattoos it is all about choice and banning home tattoo kits will not ‘fix’ the problem, especially as the ‘problem’ doesn’t really exist.

If however you have made a choice that you would like to address, we are here to help and of course, discretion is ALWAYS assured.

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