How Soon Can I Have My New Tattoo Removed?

It’s a typical Monday morning at Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic and the phone rings.

We answer the call and a frantic caller asks a simple question – “I got this tattoo yesterday. I hate it and I need it removed NOW”

It’s a familiar question on Monday mornings because most of the callers had the tattoo done on Saturday night / Sunday morning. And after waking up some time on Sunday afternoon, they decided that they really hate the tattoo they got during that BIG night out.

It doesn’t ONLY happen on a Monday morning and the reasons vary as to why people want their new tattoo removed so soon. Here are a few of those reasons :

  • It’s not what I wanted.
  • It’s too big, I only wanted something small.
  • I thought we’d be together forever.
  • I lost a bet.
  • I was drunk or stoned or both
  • I really loved him/her
  • My parents are going to kill me
  • Etc….

Tattoos are designed to be permanent. The tattooing process injects ink to the skin and the skin traps and encases that ink as it is not a direct or immediate threat to the body. This process is what makes a tattoo permanent.

Tattooing involves a needle or many needles puncturing the skin up to 3000 times per minute and this is the reason we cannot commence laser tattoo removal treatment immediately after a tattoo has been done. The skin is in trauma. It has had thousands of tiny holes punched into it. It is swollen, punctured and bruised. It needs time to heal and encase the ink fully before anything else can be done to the area.

Here’s a great video showing how tattooing actually works in close-up from SmarterEveryDay

Before laser tattoo removal treatment can begin, the skin must be fully healed.

The healing process takes between 8 to 16 WEEKS! The skin must be allowed to fully heal, otherwise the chances of scarring increases incredibly. Tattoo ink can be removed, scars cannot be removed.

Taking care of the tattoo with Bepanthan is very important to ensure healing is complete without any infection or other health issues. The healing process cannot be rushed, no matter how much you hate the tattoo. It may be a terrible tattoo, but a terrible scar is MUCH worse.

Once your tattoo is fully healed we can then commence laser tattoo removal treatment to fade or remove the tattoo completely.

We understand that the tattoo is causing major distress and anxiety and that it needs to be gone as soon as possible. However rushing the process is the WORST thing to do as scarring is permanent and more disfiguring than the tattoo ever was.

Treating ‘wet’ or fresh ink in still healing skin can cause discolouration of the new skin as the laser shattered ink particles can embed in the new collagen strands of the healing skin, permanently altering the natural colour of the skin. It can also cause the healing to be delayed creating further scar tissue and fibrosis in the skin.

So what’s worse? Waiting a few more weeks for a safe and complete tattoo removal or rushing in and creating a bigger, more permanent problem than the original tattoo?

To us the answer is simple – TAKE YOUR TIME – At DISAPPEAR INK TATTOO REMOVAL CLINIC, we are here to help remove your tattoo!

Our dedication to your Laser Tattoo Removal means lets you rest easy knowing you’ve found a service-driven Laser Tattoo Removal clinic that utilises the world’s best Laser Tattoo Removal system; a clinic where professionalism, service and technology come together to create Incredible Service and Incredible Results.

We are here to help you achieve your tattoo dreams whether that is a clean slate or a new tattoo. The choice is yours.

We can answer all the questions you may have about Laser Tattoo Removal including ‘How much does tattoo removal cost?’ and ‘Does laser tattoo removal hurt?’ and many more.

Call us today on (02) 9587 8787 to book your FREE Initial Consultation or do it online and begin your Laser Tattoo Removal journey with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal

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