6 Reasons Tattoo Ink Is Safe For Laser Removal

Did you know the process of having tattoos removed in laser therapy relies heavily on the body’s own immune system? Once those high-intensity laser beams hit the skin, they immediately start to break down the tattoo ink particles into tiny fragments. The body’s immune system then processes and removes the fragmented ink particles over time. But you wouldn’t just eat tattoo ink ingredients and expect to get away with it, would you? So is tattoo ink safe for your body to process as a result of laser tattoo removal?

Is there a safe tattoo ink?

Don’t forget, when your immune system recognises something in your body as foreign, it goes straight to work to flush it out. In the case of tattoo ink broken down by a laser, the immune cells carry the fragmented particles to the lymphatic system to ultimately be discharged through urine.

What ingredients are in tattoo ink?

So what exactly are we ‘peeing’ out? There are 3 basic elements:


This is where we get the colour, and there are several sources including minerals, metals, plants and – increasingly these days – synthetic compounds. The main ones are carbon black, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, cadmium, chromium and plenty of organic pigments as well.


To help suspend and disperse the pigments evenly throughout the tattoo ink, certain liquids are used – called carriers. Water is one of them, but expect your tattoo ink to also include alcohol, glycerin, propylene glycol and witch hazel.


There may also be some extra additives in there to improve the ink’s flow and ‘wetness’, enhance the colour, and provide preservatives as well as stabilising and thickening qualities.

But if that list has made you wonder ‘Is tattoo ink safe’, let’s try to reassure you. Are the ingredients in tattoo ink safe for your body to deal with after laser tattoo removal? Yes – and here’s how:

1. It’s natural

As far as your immune system and body are concerned, breaking down and eliminating those tiny tattoo ink particles is perfectly natural and normal. In fact, it’s exactly what your immune system is supposed to do!

2. It’s gradual

And it’s not as if your immune system has to deal with it all at once. Your immune system will gradually deal with this mild situation in its own time, minimising the burden on your body overall as it continues to stay on guard for really serious issues.

3. It’s minimal

Remember, that laser is being targeted very specifically – directly and only at the tattoo pigment. The surrounding tissues are largely untouched, meaning the immune system can definitely deal with minor inflammation.

4. There are no chemicals

No chemicals are used in the process of laser tattoo removal. Rather, the process relies solely and 100% on the body’s natural mechanisms – dodging any chemicals or foreign substances completely. As a result, side effects or allergic reactions are almost completely eliminated too.

5. It’s non-invasive

Bear in mind, laser tattoo removal is a heck of a lot less invasive than surgery or physical incisions, almost totally removing the risk of infections or other complications.

6. It’s well-established

Sure, the technology has caught up to make laser tattoo removal close to 100% effective. But it’s been developed over decades, meaning we now have plenty of studies showing that the procedure really is as safe as it is effective.

Disappear Ink will keep you safe & healthy

So rest assured – your body is well equipped to handle the challenge of removing tattoo ink particles from your body. But that’s especially true if you chose your laser tattoo removal specialists wisely – which is exactly why you should get in touch with Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic. We offer INCREDIBLE laser tattoo removal results at very affordable prices with minimal discomfort, so get in touch with Sydney’s leading and most trusted laser specialists today.

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