The 5 Main Causes Of Wrinkles Explained

According to the American Psychological Association, appearance-related concerns – including wrinkles – rank among the top sources of stress for both women and men. In fact, the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology reports that those with visible facial wrinkles feel more psychological distress and lower self-esteem than those with less-wrinkled skin. But is there anything that can be done about the causes of wrinkles?

What are the causes of wrinkles under the eyes?

Of course, the ultimate cause of wrinkles on the face is the inevitable passage of time itself. And there’s nothing we can do about that. With each passing year, the elasticity of the skin degrades – and those lines and creases are our trophies of making it further in life than many of our ancestors. Apart from that, what causes forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, smile lines, mouth (marionette) lines and neck wrinkles – the ones we’re all the most worried about?:

1. Age

Every day, our bodies become less able to produce the collagen and elastin that makes our skin so soft, supple and flawless when we’re young. Therefore, just making it from sunrise to sunset is one of the leading causes of wrinkles on the face – no matter what else we do!

2. The sun

We also can’t avoid the sun’s UV radiation, which speeds up the breakdown of that collagen. So to slow down one of the leading causes of face wrinkles, remember to slip, slop, slap!

3. Smoking

Do you smoke? If so, it slows down blood flow which damages those collagen and elastin fibres – and it’s known as one of the leading causes of eye wrinkles earlier than expected in life.

4. Smiling

Did you know smiling reduces stress and automatically improves your mood? Unfortunately, it’s also one of those unavoidable repetitive facial movements that crease the skin – and lays the foundation of future wrinkles. Unavoidable movement is also one of the most prominent of all the other causes of neck wrinkles, eye and mouth wrinkles, and all the other wrinkles worsened by those constant everyday actions.

5. Poor skincare

If you don’t moisturise, start today. And if you don’t wear sunnies on a sunny day and a hat when you spend time outside, you’re also speeding up the ageing process.

Unfortunately, other than protecting and nurturing our skin and general health, there’s no holding back the majority of those wrinkle causes. But that doesn’t mean you need just to give up and accept that those wrinkles are going to keep gathering like relentless storm clouds. You could try:

  • Topical retinoids that stimulate collagen production
  • Injectable dermal fillers to restore volume
  • Botox to temporarily paralyse the underlying muscles
  • Chemical peels to exfoliate the top skin layers
  • Microdermabrasion, which also exfoliates the skin surface.

Have you heard about Fractional Laser Technology?

Unfortunately, topical treatments can irritate the skin and have limited effect. Injections are temporary and the result can look unnatural; peels are harsh; and microdermabrasion rarely makes a dent on those deep wrinkles and scars. But there’s still hope – because laser skin resurfacing is now widely regarded as the most effective and lasting treatment for wrinkles not only on the face but also on the hands and décolletage.

And here at Disappear Laser Clinic, we use the latest and greatest for our laser skin resurfacing treatments – Picosecond Fractional laser technology. With its groundbreaking ultra-short pulses, it targets multiple aspects of skin aging to precisely target the damaged skin lasers, gently removing the outermost skin layers and prompting the body’s own completely natural healing response. It’s even great for acne and other scars, but to find out more just get in touch with the friendly team right here at Sydney’s most trusted laser clinic.

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