Surf ‘N Ink Tattoo Convention – 2015

I recently attended the Surf ‘n Ink Tattoo Convention on the Gold Coast and was really impressed by the number of incredibly skilled artists on show.

People think that because I remove tattoos I don’t like them.

Not true.

I don’t like dodgy tattoos, nobody does.

What I do like is good quality and I appreciate great artwork when I see it. Body art is purely a personal matter, nobody’s business but your own.  What I like to judge is the quality of the artwork and the skill involved in producing someone’s dream tattoo.

The work being done on the Gold Coast was of the highest grade and was a real credit to the people involved. The use of colour was excellent with brilliant realism and vibrancy, even though I’m a great fan of the grey wash artworks being done today.

My favourite piece of the day however was a great tattoo of Hell Boy. Totally blew me away with its attention to detail, colour reproduction and scale. Here it is ALMOST completed.

While at the Convention I met some really interesting people with great stories. Dropped in on Ryan ‘Newz’ Scarpino from Dynamic Tattoos of Canada just as he was getting ready to start on a new piece. Had a great story to tell. Long story short, he didn’t end up on TV’s Border Security and is enjoying his visit to Australia.

And the highlight of my visit was meeting Madeline Glasseater, Rachel Renegade and Charlie Atlas. Talk about Beauty and the Geek! And if your wondering, I’m the GEEK in that photo shoot.

Hell Boy @ Surf ‘n Ink Tattoo Festival 2015

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