Breast Cancer Radiation Marker Tattoos – A Complimentary Treatment

Breast Cancer Radiation Marker Tattoos

- They are a reminder of a time best left behind and forgotten

Many Australian families are touched by the spectre of Breast Cancer – our family was too.

No one ever expects breast cancer, or any form of cancer, to happen to them. But it can and it does. The crazy thing is breast cancer happens to MEN as well as WOMEN! It just isn’t discussed very much.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of brilliant medical staff in Australia and around the world, about 90% of people diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia survive for more than five years. In our case, Mum is still with us 15 years after her diagnosis and treatment. And we are eternally grateful for the support and treatment given to her by the wonderful medical team at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney.

One of the legacies of breast cancer treatment, in fact of many cancer treatments, are the radiation marker tattoo spots used in radiation therapy. They are applied by the specialists to assist in the alignment of radiation treatment and they remain as a permanent reminder of that troubled time when visits to the hospital, medication, treatments, doctors and check-ups dominated in the fight against the odds.

So at Disappear Ink we decided to do something about that.

Tattoos are no longer permanent, laser technology has seen to that.

We offer a Complimentary Breast Cancer Treatment – We will remove the radiation marker tattoos for free.

Always check with your medical specialists before seeking removal of the radiation marker tattoos. Don’t worry, we will always do it for free.

When you are ready to leave the past behind, call or email us.

Also, here are some links for Breast Cancer Support :

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