Wings and Feathers

Our client decided the time had come to remove her tattoo. Problem was she has a VERY busy schedule and can only visit us every 4-6 months. This has been a great help to her fading as time is your best friend when it comes to laser tattoo removal.

This tattoo is on her ankle. Ankle and feet tattoos are especially slow to fade as they are so far away from the lymph nodes that remove the ink particles form the body. In this case, our client’s busy schedule has worked in her favour. With the large gaps between treatments, the body has been able to remove an enormous amout of ink from the tattoo with only four treatments.

After six treatments, the tattoo has almost been completely removed without any scarring or skin damage. We were very careful not leave any scars or marks, especially on visible areas. Who wants to replace a tattoo with a scar?

Laser Tattoo Removal is a fading process that requires time to allow your body to remove the ink destroyed by the laser. Removing ink is only half of the process. Ensuring no skin damage is just as important as removing the tattoo ink.

We post photos of our actual progress results to demonstrate how well #lasertattooremoval works and to show the actual fading process in action. Time is your best friend when it comes to a great result.

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