Ronald McDonald’s First Laser Treatment

Our client hasn’t decided whether to completely remove this tattoo or fade it for a cover-up. That decision can be made at any time as Laser Tattoo Removal is a fading process.

The image here is the tattoo of Ronald McDonald taken immediately after the first treatment with the 1064nm laser targeting the black ink of the tattoo. The visible white frosting is steam being released by the skin from the photo-acoustic shattering of the tattoo ink. It settles in 15-20 minutes.

Once we have reduced the black ink sufficiently, we will commence targeting the yellow and red inks.

It isn’t the size of the tattoo that determines how fast it will fade. It is the amount and density of ink in the tattoo along with its location on the body. Your age and health also play a big role.

We share these photos to demonstrate real results of laser tattoo removal. Want real results like these? Call us on 9587 8787.

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Ronald McDonald Immediately Post 1st Treatment

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