God Give Me The Serenity

People ask us why there aren’t more FULL REMOVAL photos online. The reason is that is very simple – Once a tattoo is removed, our clients move on and don’t need to see us again.

That is, until they want another tattoo faded or removed.

So here we have one such client who had this forearm tattoo successfully removed and now wants some more work done.

As can be seen, there is no scarring on the skin or marks left behind following the Quanta Laser tattoo removal treatment. The skin on the inside of the forearm is very thin and sensitive. Our client followed our Aftercare instructions carefully and the results speak for themselves.

Successful #tattooremoval requires a great laser system and an experienced team of laser clinicians who can assess your tattoo thoroughly and devise a specific treatment plan for you. Every tattoo and every person is different, so treatment is very specific and must be tailored to you.

How do you select a laser tattoo removal clinic? Just ask to see their results not their prices because results tell you everything you need to know.

We share these photos to demonstrate real results of laser tattoo removal. For results like these, call us on 02 9587 8787 or book online.
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