Dionne’s Done After 5 Treatments

At Disappear Ink, we see a LOT of names… and we are expert at removing names quickly because there is always emotions behind the decision to remove them.

Script tattoos can be difficult to remove as it is not the size of the tattoo that make it harder to remove. It is the AMOUNT of ink in the tattoo as well as the depth and the location on the body.

Our client wanted to remove this tattoo and we achieved a complete removal in six treatments. The image of this tattoo is after five treatments. It was treated once more to clear the small traces of ink remaining in the skin. The tattoo will continue to fade for over six months completely removing all traces of the ink and leaving clear, fresh, unmarked skin in its place.

We share these photos to demonstrate real results of laser tattoo removal. For results like these, call us on 02 9587 8787 or book online.
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Dionne's 5th Treatment

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