Client Review – Jo Bennett

“So happy I found Dissapear Ink tattoo removal. I have had laser tattoo removal by 2 different places in Perth with different lasers(where the regulations are quite tight for tattoo removal) and I was not happy with my results and the service I received so I did my research on different lasers and discovered that the laser that Disappear Ink use is the best on the market right now for the colored ink that I have.
I cannot recommend these guys enough. They really care about their clients and ensured that I was safely treated as not to over-treat or under-treat the tattoo. It does hurt a little bit but it’s definitely not as painful as the previous lasers I’ve been treated with. And the after effects are no where near as bad as previous lasers I’ve been treated with. Just some bruising. No bleeding and scabbing. Thanks so much Disappear Ink � oh and the price is so affordable compared to what I was paying in Perth!”

Jo Bennett
March 2018

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