Client Review – Jayden

“If you are thinking about having a tattoo removed, speak to the professionals at Disappear Ink.

After hiding a sleeve tattoo for a long time, I decided on laser sessions to have it removed. I went for multiple consultations and tried several different clinics before finding Disappear Ink. They are hands down the best laser tattoo removal clinic in Sydney. There are very few places that offer tattoo removal as their exclusive service and this really shows through in their knowledge and their work.

What I was looking for was a clinic that was clean, used the best equipment and with a team that genuinely cared about my well-being. The team at Disappear ink made me feel the most comfortable.

The last thing you want when having a tattoo removed is to feel embarrassed or judged!

At the end of the day, what anyone is looking for when having a tattoo removed is safety, a friendly environment, results and of course, the right price. All of these elements are spot on at Disappear Ink.

As a fussy customer, I would highly recommend them to others. Take my advice and don’t risk booking with another clinic, you won’t be disappointed.”

May, 2014

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