Client Recommendation – Elissa MacRae

“Have had a completely delightful experience at Disappear Ink Tattoo so far. When I started my treatment my tattoo was less than a year old. It was so black and so dark and I was utterly astounded how much ink came out in the first treatment. 

Am now five treatments in and have been able to see skin patches through since my third treatment.
Alex does a wonderful job and is very friendly. She also makes sure to look out for my health whether it be always calling me back to make sure the medication I’m on is okay to take while having a treatment or reorganising appointments or making sure that my appointments are spaced out enough for my specific skin type and healing process.
She will also usuallycall a few days post to make sure that everything is healing well. Fantastic personal touch.

Would recommend to anyone. Fantastic and professional service and lovely customer care.”

Elissa MacRae

10 November 2018

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