Client Review – Claudia

“I have two tattoos and one of them was done 12 years ago on a street market in South America, while I was still a teenager. A few years ago it started to fade away and I was not feeling comfortable with it anymore as people would realize it was old and faded. I knew I had two options: getting it redone or getting it removed.

I had it long enough, so the first option didn’t sound very appealing. I made an appointment with Disappear Ink and Alexandra explained all the procedure very carefully and in detail, making sure everything was clear.

I decided to go ahead and have my first treatment on that day. I was quite nervous but fully trusted Alexandra.

The next morning, Alexandra called me to check how I was feeling. Never had anyone calling me after a treatment to see how it reacted, I thought that she cared and that their attention to clients was excellent. In a couple of days I could see the difference between my tattoo and how it had vanished after only one treatment, it was unbelievable how effective the laser was.

One Friday night after work a competition was on! There was a new ad of Disappear Ink on my way home, and to my surprise if you guessed where this ad was you would win a free treatment, oh my god, I was so happy I had just seen it! I quickly replied and spot on, I won! That made my day, I could not believe I was just given a free laser treatment. Since that day every time I pass by, I think of Alexandra and gets a smile out of me. I have done three treatments now and I could not be happier with the results, my little fairy is almost gone forever.

This laser they use is amazing, I am really happy I found them and could not be thankful enough. Summer is just around the corner and I am ready to wear sleeveless shirts, I am not worried about my faded fairy anymore!”

October 2014

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