Bicep Do-Over

Laser Tattoo Removal isn’t just about removing a tattoo you don’t like. It’s about offering the choice to change the tattoo you have into something much better.

Many of our clients come to us so we can fade a tattoo so another one can take its place. Here is a perfect example of a client who wasn’t happy with the way the tattoo blended with the other ink on his sleeve. So we faded the tattoo down over a couple of sessions and when fully healed, his artist put the names back in a style that better suited the theme of the sleeve.

Script writing is very difficult to tattoo straight over as it is still visible through the new ink. Using the Quanta 1064nm laser we are able to remove large amounts of ink allowing a new tattoo to completely cover the previously inked area. As you can see, this cover up was a brilliant success!

We post photos of our actual progress results to demonstrate how well #lasertattooremoval works and to show the actual fading process in action.

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