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Is that the sound of wedding bells?

Is that the sound of wedding bells?

Good evening Disappear Ink-ers!

Well our month of love was a great success and through our ‘Xx the EX’ promotion we were able to treat a range of tattoo’s – arms, ribs, legs and even a ring finger!

Moving on from February, the month of love, it only seemed fitting we would make our March promotion about (take a guess) – WEDDINGS!

We have a feeling that some of you lovely ladies out there will have some serious new bling to show off following a Valentines proposal, and to help you along the way we’re running a promotion for all you blushing brides to be – during the month of March, we will discount by 50% the first two removal sessions for any tattoo’s you’d rather not be visible on the big day, or in your photos for eternity!

All you need to do now is contact us for a free consultation to get started.

Lots of love (and look forward to hearing from you soon),

The team at Disappear Ink



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