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Home Tattoo Kits – A Thought about THAT Home Tattoo…

Home Tattoo Kits – A Thought about THAT Home Tattoo…

Judging by the number of times I’ve had the link sent to me, just about everyone on the planet has heard about the poor guy who had a 40cm penis tattooed onto his back by his ‘friends’.

In case you missed  it, here’s the link to the Nine News article

As you would expect, after the laughter had subsided, professional tattooists are calling for the sale of home tattoo kits to be banned. I understand this reaction from professional tattoo artists. They are professionals who have standards and are proud of their art and their craft.

I do believe the judge in this case did get the decision right to jail the person involved. It is a serious matter and the court dealt with it correctly.

However I can’t agree with this blanket ban on home tattoo kits simply because someone may do something stupid, or in this case illegal. We don’t ban cars because people might speed or worse. I believe that people should have a choice, and self-adornment should be one of them. There is enough regulation in our lives already.

The victim’s decision to have the tattoo covered with additional artwork is a very understandable decision, especially as the covering effect is almost instantaneous. No one wants to have a penis tattoo visible on their body longer than they have too.

The alternative of course is removal using the latest laser technology. Removal would have been complete, total and almost completely painless. The result would have been a clean slate – ready for any other tattoo art that he would like, should he want another tattoo. However the time taken, though only probably 24-36 weeks, was probably considered too long to wait by the hapless victim of the ‘prank’. 

I can understand why you would want it covered up as fast as possible. Quality laser tattoo removal takes care and time, and during that treatment time the tattoo of the offending appendage is still visible, albeit slowly disappearing, until the final treatments are applied. And I can fully understand who wants to be reminded of the ‘crime’? But covering it up simply means it’s still there.

If it was me however I would probably have made the other choice … but I would say that now wouldn’t I?


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