IPL Lasers Remove Hair NOT Tattoos

I cannot make this fact any simpler. Over the last few months I have seen an increase in clients presenting with tattoos that were treated using IPL Hair Removal Lasers. These clients were all assured by the laser operators that IPL Lasers can remove tattoos. So many have gone ahead and been treated using an IPL […]

Fading Old Ink for New Ink

Fading Old Ink for New Ink

Over time, old tattoos no longer fit in.

Our client had these Indian tattoos placed on his back many years ago. At the time, they were the state of the tattooist’s art. Now as the art has improved, our client has been steadily adding to his collection over the years. Now it’s time to make some more space for more ink.

These tattoos were placed all those years ago in a prime site. The back provides a fabulous canvas for an artist to work their magic. Our client works out as you can see, so there is plenty of potential area. We are fading the old tattoos to allow a new mural to take their place. It will fill most of the back and by fading the old tattoos, the artist is not limited in any way.

We have done one laser treatment on this tattoo using the Quanta Q Plus C 1064nm laser targeting the black ink and the fading has been amazing. The laser has removed a substantial amount of black ink and has revealed the colours the original artist used in the head dresses. In subsequent treatments we will use use the Quanta Q Plus C 532 and 694nm lasers to target the specific colours and fade them down as well.

If you want great results, come see us for laser tattoo removal. Just don’t ask us if we even lift.

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