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How do I find the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic?

This is the question that everyone asks all the time when the time comes to remove a tattoo. And the answer is always different because ‘BEST’ means many different things.

If you ask Google, it will give you a list of tattoo removal clinics close by to you or those who pay Google to advertise their clinics. That’s what Google is supposed to do. They give you LOTS of links. Google is an advertising company and a search engine after all.

Most people ask Google for help and when confronted by the huge list of possibilities, they click on a couple of links on the first page and poke around looking for answers. When those clicks bring up a fancy website claiming to being the ‘best tattoo removal clinic’, it doesn’t really answer the question because what is the BEST? It can be very confusing!

Finding the BEST Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic is simple. It is the one that can do the ALL of the following things:

  • Demonstrate REAL results with their own photographs of their actual work – not just show one or two photos of tattoo removals supplied by their laser’s manufacturer as part of their sales brochure.
  • Advertise the make and model of the laser that is used in the clinic. If the laser is not a Class 4 Medical Grade laser, then do not consider the clinic. Lasers, like cars, come in many makes and models, but only Class 4 Medical Grade lasers can do the job safely.
  • The website and the clinicians should answer all questions honestly and openly about the laser tattoo removal process. No laser system can remove any tattoo in one or two treatments regardless of the promises made by the clinic. Some tattoos may be removed in a couple of treatments, but most require more treatments. Tattoo removal is a fading process that takes time to be done safely.
  • Will provide you with a firm, affordable price for the laser treatment along with a treatment plan that will meet your requirements and desired outcome.
  • Meets and exceeds your expectations of friendliness, service, aftercare and cleanliness.

If the clinic cannot meet all of these points, then move on to the next one. It isn’t a case of two out of three ain’t bad.

Big promises and claims are easy to make, especially when your paying the bill!

It pays to do your research and ask as many questions as possible. Remember, there are no stupid questions especially when you are the prospective client.

Special Thanks to Al Varela Art for the use of the image on this post