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How Much Does Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

This is the first question asked when people are interested in tattoo removal.

At Disappear Ink, we have made it really simple

$200 per treatment*

Answer $200

I have multiple tattoos I want removed?

We treat every client individually and whenever possible we will treat all the tattoos at the same time subject to maximum size limits of the overall area we can treat per treatment session as healing and aftercare are extremely important.

I have an entire back / arm sleeve / leg that I want removed?

There is a maximum size limit to what we can treat in one session to ensure proper skin healing and recovery. Massive tattoos MUST be treated in sections to ensure client safety. We will always be honest and upfront with you at the initial consultation where we will determine how many treatment sessions are required to treat your large tattoo. Safety is our priority.

My tattoo is multiple colors, does that cost more to remove?

No, we don’t charge by the number of colours you have in your tattoo.

My tattoo is extremely small, how much will it cost to fade and remove?

We treat every client individually and we will take into consideration the size of a small tattoo and we may adjust the price of the treatment at our discretion. Of course, we always remove radiation marker tattoos free of charge.

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Remove. Fade. Repair.

  • No more questions about size.
  • No calculating square centimetres.
  • No rulers or measurement required.

Call us and book in a free initial consultation to discuss what you would like done to your tattoo – from a fading, a repair, a partial removal or a total removal, we can assist you in achieving exactly what you want from laser tattoo removal.

* We do have maximum size limits on the overall skin area we can treat per treatment session as healing and aftercare are extremely important. Client safety and well-being are our priorities.

We offer a discount of 10% on all treatments to

  • Members of the Australian Defence Forces.
  • The Emergency Services – Ambos, Firies, Police and SES
  • Hospital and Nursing Staff.

It’s our way of saying thank you for your service to our community and our country.

Pay for 4 and receive 5 treatments
free laser tattoo removal

We provide complimentary free laser tattoo removal to remove radiation marker tattoos for breast cancer and all cancer patients. Contact us for details.

We gladly accept Cash, EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa.

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laser tattoo removal booking

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Every new Client will receive a FREE After-Care Pack following their first laser treatment.

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