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Wings and Feathers 6th Treatment

Of Wings and Feathers

Our client decided the time had come to remove her tattoo. Problem was she has a VERY busy schedule and can only visit us every 4-6 months. This has been a great help to her fading as time is your best friend when it comes to laser tattoo removal.
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How to find the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

How to find the Best Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic How do I find…
fading back tattoo

Fading Old Ink for New Ink

Our client had these Indian tattoos placed on his back many years ago. At the time, they were the state of the tattooist's art. Now as the art has improved, our client has been steadily adding to his collection over the years. Now it's time to make some more space for more ink.
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Southern Cross tattoo
Laugh with many
No More Seagulls
No Mo' Tattoo

No Mo

Let It Go!